Afghan Forces Got Military Vehicles from US

U.S. ditched plan to give Afghan forces more armored vehicles | Reuters

The Afghan National Army on Thursday got 429 military vehicles, known as Humvees, as a component of the US and NATO’s proceeded with help to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, the Defense Ministry said in an assertion.

Delegate Defense Minister Shah Mahmoud Miakhil said the military hardware and the vehicles will be utilized to guarantee the security of the individuals.

As per Mikhail, 215 of the Humvees were gotten in Kabul and 214 others were given to the Ministry of Defense in Kandahar.

“Safeguarding of the Afghan Security Forces is of imperative significance to Afghanistan’s drawn out soundness and security,” said Lt. Gen. John Deedrick, leader of Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A).

Guard Ministry said in an explanation that so far this year, Afghan powers have 1,383 Humvees, 55 Mobile Strike Force vehicles, 10 helicopters and 4 A-29 airplane from the United States.

“Over the previous year, the US conveyed $574 million of gear to the Afghan government and our security powers as we battle psychological warfare and give security to our kin,” the Defense Ministry said.

The assertion added that the US will move $102 million more in gear in not so distant future.

This comes as viciousness has stayed high in the nation in the midst of the progressing harmony endeavors. As of late, three regions in the south of the nation were assaulted by the Taliban.

Gen. Yasin Zia, Chief of Army Staff on Thursday said that the Afghan security powers have cleared Zherai and Panjwai locale of the Taliban.

He said the military activity will proceed in those locale to help uprooted families to localize security to their homes.

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