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Spin Ghar Higher Education Institution held a Meeting with the Graduates

The meeting was held in the conference hall of Spin Ghar Higher Education Institution and was attended by Shafiullah Hakimi Kakar, Deputy Minister for Student Affairs, Spinghar Higher Education Institution. The meeting started with the recitation of some verses of the Holy Qur’an and Shafiullah Hakimi Kakar, Deputy Minister of Student Affairs, was invited to the speech table to welcome the graduates. Talking about the objectives of creating a network of (graduate) students, he said that the purpose of creating this network is to benefit from the experiences of graduate students, to get information about the recruitment of their graduates.

Helping graduates find employment, informing them of the challenges to their professional development and finding solutions to them, soliciting feedback from them about the organization, and soliciting ideas for improving the skills of graduate students.

After Mr. Kakar, on behalf of the graduates, Dr. Abdul Hameed, a graduate, spoke briefly and shared information about his life with the participants and the session ended with a prayer.
This is despite the fact that the leadership board of Spin Ghar Higher Education Institution wants to know the status of the graduates of the institute along with its current students and find solutions to the problems together.