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Taliban shooting at the people in Kabul airport who are trying to get out of Afghanistan



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Taliban shooting at the people in Kabul airport who are trying to get out of Afghanistan.

In Nangarhar different Weapons were handed over to the Disarmament Program

During military operations and searches in Nangarhar,  different weapons were handed over to the disarmament program.

Several people have also been arrested in connection with the weapons.


Autonomous weapons are a major threat to security and we will eliminate any threat through security.

Pakistani forces fired on civilians at the Durand Line gate in Chaman

Pakistani forces fired on civilians at the Durand Line gate in Chaman, injuring scores of people, including children, including Matiullah’s father, Khan Mohammad Qaum Malizai Achakzai. 
“Every Pashtun must speak out against this oppression.  We demand peace and justice for these oppressed and doomed people. The oppression of Pashtuns should be stopped in this state.
 The state of Pakistan has always violently suppressed the cry for justice and has massacred Pashtuns like Babri or the gray belt”, a PTM speaker declared.
 “After consultation with PTM Chaman, we will announce our plan of action.”

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) launched a training camp In Nangarhar

Emerging and under-19 training camp began


The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) launched a training camp in Nangarhar province to t-19 and emerging players, which will result in training fitness, agility, strength and talent. Leading players will be selected fo the teams.

The training camp for both the teams started and will continue till December 5 next year.

There are six players in the training camp for the under-5 players, five of whom will qualify for the team, which, after full preparation and training, will play against some countries in the future. 

According to the members of the selection committee: “These nine players include the players who were previously selected from the training and training camps in Nangarhar, which were held at the zonal and provincial levels for 5 years and 2 years.”

There were two players from the Afghan Under-19 team in the last World Cup.

The members of the committee also said that the camp was started to prepare the players for the upcoming World Cup, which has the same priority as the age of the players, to select those who have reached a certain age. The issue is also a sensitive one for the International Cricket Council.

The members of the selection committee added: “According to the policy of the selection committee, it is planned to create a team of 15 players from these players who will be very strong and successful against the teams of their level in the future.” 

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to the 5-year-old team, a training camp has also been started in the province for the formation of the Emerging (Under-5) team, which includes around 5 players.

According to members of the Afghanistan Cricket Board’s selection committee, these include players who have excelled in second- and third-tier tournaments, last year’s five-year-old Afghan team and other domestic cricket matches. .

It should be mentioned that all the players will be tested for physical fitness (one-to-one test) and as a result of the training camp, both the teams will play five one-day matches against each other.


The UAE has imposed visa bans on Afghanistan and seven other countries

 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has imposed an indefinite visa ban on 12 countries, including Afghanistan and Pakistan.
 The ban was imposed because of the second wave of krona, as the UAE fears that krona will flow from those countries.
 The bans do not include visas that have already been issued.
 Countries whose citizens cannot obtain UAE visas indefinitely are Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Kenya, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Tanzania, Somalia and Pakistan.
 Surprisingly, nine million people in India are infected with the corona, but no visa ban has been imposed on them by the UAE.

A long list of students turned Taliban leaders

The Darul Uloom Haqqania seminary, near Nowshera in KPK Pakistan , has turned out a long list of students turned Taliban leaders — including many now on the hardline group’s negotiating team holding talks with the Kabul government to end a 20-year war.
“Russia was broken into pieces by the students and graduates of Darul Uloom Haqqania and America was also sent packing,” beams Maulana Yousaf Shah, an influential cleric at the seminary that critics have dubbed the ‘university of jihad’.
The sprawling campus in Akora Khattak Pakistan is home to roughly 4,000 students who are fed, clothed and educated for free.
It has sat at the crossroads of regional militant violence for years, educating many Pakistanis and Afghan refugees — some of whom returned home to wage war against the Russians and Americans or preach jihad.
Despite its infamy in some quarters, it has enjoyed state support in Pakistan, where mainstream political parties are heavily boosted by links with religious factions.
Afghan leaders argue that Pakistan’s approval for the madressahs is proof that it backs the Taliban.