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Govt Agencies Yet to Give Details of Attack on Yama Siawash

Donors pledge billions to Afghanistan, but with strings attached

Dozens of countries have pledged billions of dollars for Afghanistan during a virtual donors’ conference. The European Union pledged almost $1.5bn for the next four years … conditional on preserving the human rights and democratic gains of the last 19 years. Other countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Canada stepped forward with hundreds of millions for Afghanistan. The money is conditional on progress in peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. The country has been fighting for peace and stability for 19 years and remains heavily dependent on international aid. But as donors pledged their support, two blasts in the heart of Afghanistan’s most peaceful province, Bamiyan, killed and injured dozens. And made the call for a ceasefire more urgent than ever. Al Jazeera’s Filio Kontrafouri from Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan.